aaron staebell plays the drums.

Big fan of paid evening rehearsals. Erie Philharmonic tomorrow night. Pixar. #fun #pennsylvania #saunainmyhotel (at Warner Theatre)
Mar 21

Big fan of paid evening rehearsals. Erie Philharmonic tomorrow night. Pixar. #fun #pennsylvania #saunainmyhotel (at Warner Theatre)

Dec 29

I was practicing a groove by David Garibaldi that had backbeats on beats 3 and 4. I thought this would be a cool jumping off point for an improvisation. This features my new wok.

Dec 19

Some good old fashioned swinging jazz. Trading 8s with myself and trying to displace big phrases.

Dec 18

It’s been a while. I got these new Vater Monster brushes that I saw at PASIC. They play way quieter than I expected but still they are pretty cool. I’m still working on the odd groupings stuff. Here’s the first thing I played with these brushes.

"I am not an advocate for perfection; I’m an advocate for artistic gestures."

Dec 2
Nov 30

Third in the “odd meter challenge” trilogy, this time in 13 (7+6). Shorter, but still. Enjoy.

Nov 29

Another “challenge”. This is in 11, where the “hump” is in the middle. This is the meter of my tune “Nathaniel Hill” so it isn’t my first time but it’s fun to try to cross the bar line and keep the flow happening.

Nov 27

Part of this project is supposed to be to challenge myself. I decided that meant making my brain work. This is a solo in 15 (bar of 8, bar of 7). I think I succeeded!

Nov 26

Todays video represents how I sorta feel some times. The beat keeps moving, very slowly, but it doesnt stop. And lots of stuff gets fit into every moment. Poetic, really. Hardly. 

Nov 21

I was hanging out in the basement, listening to my new sweet stereo. One of the first albums I put on was Mackerel Sky by the band Neos, led by my buddy Matt Curlee. I took the motive from one of those tunes and improvised on it here.

Nov 12

Todays solo based on a simple motif that is stated at the beginning. I try to continue it throughout, regardless of how far away from the original idea I move. 

Nov 7

Another solo kinda combining two previous ideas. I am using the “Malaby” method of one short fragment leading to a new short fragment, and also toying with pulse being a non-constant. I like this one a lot.

Nov 6

In this video, Im playing with the idea of a beat that never stays constant. I tried to play an idea until that idea suggested a new tempo, and then play the same idea within that tempo. It would then lead to yet a new tempo and the cycle would start upon itself again. Something I want to try more, this wasnt the finest representation but its a good start.

Nov 5

The camera shut off because it was full, but I was almost done anyways. Something I work on a lot is the idea of restraint…not playing every idea I have just because I have it and i can. My practicing mantra throughout college was “restraint, control, discipline.” Not sure where I got that. Maybe made it up. Either way, this is something that works on flow and restraint. 

Oct 30

Playing brushes has always been something that Ive enjoyed, and I think its semi underrated in the drumset world. I used to have this favorite article from “The Onion” that referred to a kid using those “brush thingies” to play drums in a high school jazz band led by Pat Metheny. Ill find it later.

Anyways, I love playing brushes and this is an example of it. Stream of consciousness, kinda, but also working on flow, which is big to me. Enjoy!